Short Plays

A Hotel Room in Cleveland

Tonight's the night Dylan finally surpasses his wife Jules' point total in bed.

5 Minutes - 1W, 1M

A Tragic Story

Fondella sits on a stool and tells us a tragic story. The end.

1 Minutes - 1W, 0M

All About Art

Jesse's art is suffering because his therapist is perhaps too good. Together they take steps to remedy the situation.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M


Allison is tired of having two bodies and her psychiatrist is at his wits end.

5 Minutes - 2W, 1M


Phyllis and her husband Kent find themselves standing over a dead body in their bedroom and no recollection what happened.

5 Minutes - 1W, 1M


Dave has something trapped inside him that he needs to set free and until he does so his hair will keep falling out.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Bear Skin Rug Burns

A sign language expert is given the daunting task of signing an adult film for the hearing impaired.

3 Minutes - 3W, 1M


It's 1979 and Lori, the chief editor at "The Times", assigns Wolfson, her star reporter, with the suddenly urgent task of writing Lori's obituary.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Chance Meetings

Karen somehow talks her gay best friend Gary into bed and he gives it the old college try.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Christmas Lights

Things go awry when Edgar tries to spice up things in the bedroom with his wife Crystal.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Clean Break

Glen and Margaret finally sign the divorce papers and are set free. It's all sweet and no bitter.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M


As Wendy peels the labels off the crayons for her daughter her oldest friend and long-ago ex, re-declares his love for her.

4 Minutes - 2W, 2M

Corn Pads

Mavis's eighty-year-old mother uses a trip to the drug store for some corn pads to seduce Mavis's unsuspecting but perhaps willing husband Marvin.

3 Minutes - 2W, 1M

Coveralls And Hairnets

Gloria and Norma are on their shift at the nuclear power plant in the Silkwood 80's. When Norma reveals her husband is leaving her, Gloria has her own existential crisis.

3 Minutes - 2W, 0M

Dead Men Walken

Derrick and his friends can't talking like Christopher Walken and his wife Kelly has had just about enough.

1 Minutes - 1W, 2M

Deep In The Rotunda

Jeff tries to help his friend Lee overcome an irrational fear of the long-dead Marlon Brando.

5 Minutes - 0W, 2M

Downstairs at Quantico

FBI Agent Ron has a theory that the serial killer has been bowling his victims to death.

6 Minutes - 1W, 1M


Olive and Kenneth have both lost their sex drive at exactly the same moment on a Thursday night.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Everybody Has Brown Hair

An assassin does everything in his power to hurry along his partner whose mind is on everything but eradicating the crime scene of all forensic evidence.

6 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Executive Secretary

Carolyn learns the ins-and-outs and ins-and-outs of sleeping her way to the top.

4 Minutes - 2W, 0M

Existential Angst

In the distant future, a female humanoid attempts find a mate while still accepting life as the existential nothingness that it is.

4 Minutes - 1W, 2M

Finger Guns

Two friends freak out when their finger guns actually start to work.

1 Minutes - 0W, 3M


A popular theme restaurant that locks you in a jail cell and feeds you prison gruel turns out to be something far worse.

5 Minutes - 2W, 1M

Gary Dies Alone

Time starts to move backward for two bank robbers after the security guard kills them.

1 Minutes - 1W, 1M

George and The Evil Bastard

George has perhaps just learned how this dystopian world he's stuck in works.

4 Minutes - 0W, 2M


Beth and Zach's intense love for each other has turned into a mutual OCD.

1 Minutes - 2W, 2M

In The Air Duct

A reporter and her camera man are trapped in the air-duct of the government installation about to perform the first alien autopsy.

6 Minutes - 1W, 1M

In the Shadows

Two men in a dark tunnel in the middle of the night are suddenly in danger.

3 Minutes - 0W, 2M

Inside Inside

Exes Brian and Jenny run into each other by chance on the street and it doesn't go how either imagined.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Lava Floor

Bill and Nancy want to go to bed and play lava floor in their messy living room to get to the bedroom. But this is not a game.

6 Minutes - 1W, 1M


In their own vernacular, Sisterella relays the events of catching her boyfriend cheating on her to her best friend Jade.

3 Minutes - 2W, 0M

Licking The Floor

Doctor and nurse discuss treatment options for a patient with a floor-licking compulsion.

4 Minutes - 1W, 2M

Looking Back

Eric bittersweetly looks back at a fond memory of his three friends from graduate school he has since lost touch with, and perhaps rewrites a little history.

6 Minutes - 2W, 2M

Lucy Takes a Year Off

After a bad breakup, Lucy declares she's taking a year off from men, but her best friend Kate is not having it.

5 Minutes - 2W, 1M

Minor Disagreement

Louise and Dale never fight and agree about everything, including that they should probably try having a fight.

6 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Morning Exercise

A middle-aged man preps for his day by dancing gloriously, only to realize that he will eventually die and this is perhaps all pointless.

1 Minutes - 0W, 1M

Oliver Plummets to His Eventual Death

Sarah proves that gravity is a state of mind but Oliver's mind has a different agenda.

1 Minutes - 1W, 1M

On The Couch

Mrs. Powell is annoyed to find her daughter's boyfriend, Eugene, on her couch and alarmed to learn that perhaps he knows her daughter better than she does.

5 Minutes - 1W, 1M

On The Floor

Gary is on the floor of his office, having lost all incentive to fight gravity. Marlene tries to help him get back up.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M


Martin and Shelly wonder how their marriage would fare without pharmaceutical intervention.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M


Sharon and Libby have a fight about how they always have the same fight about telling the same anecdotes over and over.

6 Minutes - 2W, 0M


John's doctor breaks the news that he's so healthy that it's killing him and there is no cure.

6 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Round Peg

Jason just can't quite figure out the trick to getting the round peg in the round hole.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Scream Into My Breasts

Outside Doug's apartment on the night he ends a nine year self-imposed celibacy, a reporter interviews all involved parties then inserts herself into the story.

5 Minutes - 3W, 2M

She Licks His Face in the End

Spoiler alert, she licks his face in the end.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Short Play #38

Hacker Suzanne has fallen in love with a man who still has seven more years on his jail sentence, but she has figured out a way to meet with him in a virtual reality game and give him the tools to hack himself out of jail.

3 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Sister Lola

In a full body cast, David has broken ever bone in his body except his jaw which he desperately wants Sister Lola to break for him.

3 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Skank by Proxy

Two women take a smoke break outside their office building and perhaps finally find each other.

4 Minutes - 2W, 0M

Slap Happy

Co-workers Pam and Noreen take full-advantage of National Slap Your Co-Worker Day

3 Minutes - 2W, 0M

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

A disco gospel choir helps a young man finally come out.

5 Minutes - 1W, 1M


Joan likes to dominate. Her girlfriend Joanne likes to submit. Or did.

3 Minutes - 2W, 0M

The A#%hole

A woman gives a man sixty seconds to prove he's not an a#%hole. He fails.

1 Minutes - 1W, 1M

The Backup Singers

Three backup singers have lost their groove.

4 Minutes - 3W, 1M

The Bananas

Two competing banana companies have gone to war and a reporter reports in real time as the army rescues the Chiquita Banana woman after a tense five day hostage stand off in a South American jungle.

3 Minutes - 1W, 2M

The Beauty Pageant

The question portion of a 1980's beauty pageant goes quickly awry.

3 Minutes - 4W, 1M

The Bland Man

A beautiful unattainable woman is attained.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

The Caveman

Cavewoman Inga is evolving much faster than her Neanderthal husband, Nagog, and she finds this just exhausting.

3 Minutes - 1W, 1M

The Cheese

A woman seeks sanctuary in a monastery after she unknowingly gnawed upon the sacrificial cheese loaf made from the milk of the lamb of God.

4 Minutes - 1W, 2M

The Cranks

Fran and her husband Frank are equally tired and cranky on the same night.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

The Eskimos

Papuk finally gets the courage to tell his mother he wants to move out of the igloo and go South.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

The Flashlights

Scientists investigate when Marge gets stuck to the ceiling after gravity reverses itself in her apartment.

5 Minutes - 2W, 2M

The Four And A Half Minute All-Cliché Murder Mystery

Exactly that.

5 Minutes - 4W, 7M

The Go-Go Dancer

Go-Go dancer Dot has an existential crisis when she gets stuck in her cage.

4 Minutes - 2W, 0M

The Grey Widow

A very short play written in verse about a man in love with a woman who makes him sick.

3 Minutes - 0W, 2M

The Hanging Burglar

It's the middle of the night and a burglar is confronted by the maid and they discover they went to high school together.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

The History Of Dance

A frantic one-minute history of dance.

1 Minutes - 3W, 3M

The Left One

Jeanine learns the painful truth that she's not as bilaterally perky as she thought she was.

4 Minutes - 2W, 1M

The List

Ginger decides to make a list of all the things that annoy her about Craig so Craig makes a list of all the things that annoy him about Ginger.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

The Mathematical Equation

Alan breaks down a simple mathematical equation for Craig and Brenda until it's about way more than math.

6 Minutes - 1W, 2M

The Meaning of Life

After decades of research in the lab, Cate and Sam finally uncover the meaning of life. Now they have to figure out to navigate the new rules of the universe.

3 Minutes - 1W, 1M

The Songwriter

A songwriter tells her husband the song she wrote about having an affair is, yes, based on real life.

3 Minutes - 1W, 1M

The Spaceship

The captain is the sole survivor when his space ship violates the airspace of a party planet.

4 Minutes - 1W, 2M

The Stripper

Three naked men pay to watch an attractive woman to put her clothes on.

5 Minutes - 1W, 3M

The Wandering Blues

Tanya is about to get on the tour bus with her banjo and leave her boyfriend Scott behind once again.

5 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Three Things

Emotionally unavailable Greg attempts to avail them to prove a point to Andrea.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

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