A middle-aged man tells us about the pinnacle of his life.

4 Minutes - 0W, 1M

As Colonel Meredith Eastwood Floats in Space

As Colonel Meredith Eastwood floats in the International Space Station, she questions the scientific basis for love.

6 Minutes - 1W, 0M


A young man in a mental institution explains to a ripe cantaloupe exactly what's what.

3 Minutes - 0W, 1M


At the shark tank at Sea World, marine biologist Steph tries to figure out why one of the sharks is acting strangely.

3 Minutes - 1W, 0M


Inside the head of a man in a coma, he explains how and why a coma is exhausting.

3 Minutes - 0W, 1M


Hannah smokes a dill weed joint on the beach with her friend Hinky and takes a moment to question her life.

4 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Elvis At Stuckey's

Joellen recounts how she and her mama saw Elvis at Stuckey's one time.

4 Minutes - 1W, 0M

Georgia Robbed A Bank

On the run from the bank security guards, bank robber Georgia disappears into her own head.

3 Minutes - 1W, 0M


A man's dead ex has started to call him from the grave and hang up.

3 Minutes - 0W, 1M

Here in This Floating Head

A floating head takes a moment to just be a floating head before her arms start to grow back.

5 Minutes - 1W, 0M

In The Interrogation Room

In the interrogation room at the police station, a man slowly remembers in real time what actually happened the night of the murder.

5 Minutes - 0W, 1M

Jan-Candy and the Elvis Tattoo

A mother tells us the story of how her identical twin daughters found their deadbeat dad.

7 Minutes - 1W, 0M

Lost in the Woods

A man tells the story about how he and his friend Randy got lost in the woods after his wife found out he was cheating on her.

8 Minutes - 0W, 1M

Lotto Winner

A lottery winner explains to the press exactly what he's going to do with the money.

2 Minutes - 0W, 1M

Sexually Impaired

A man tries to figure out why and how he's so bad at sex.

5 Minutes - 0W, 1M

The Fog

A man tries to understand the fog in his brain.

4 Minutes - 0W, 1M

The Girl With The Butterfly Bracelet

A sociopath stalks his prey at an airport terminal.

4 Minutes - 0W, 1M

The Scent of Vanilla

It's the 19th Century and Lady Norfolk tells us the story of how the scent of vanilla was spoiled for her.

4 Minutes - 1W, 0M


Dave has a very unhealthy relationship with objects, so he goes about eradicating them from the planet.

3 Minutes - 0W, 1M

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