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Fringe 2011

The clock is ticking with this lightning-fast collection of plays under 5 minutes. You may be sitting in the theater, but your brain will be running to a new location, plot, and set of characters every 300 seconds.


Craig Abernethy:  What Can We...?

Chris Davis: Bags

Alex Dremann: Skank by Proxy

Nancy Cooper Frank:  Otherwise What

Jeremy Gable: Digital Verite

Johnathan A Goldberg:  What Could Be Greater Than Seeing a Gator?

Jeffrey L. Hollman:  O-Wa To-Do Pi-Am

Janis Butler Holm: If Paris Hilton Wrote Poetry

Janis Butler Holm: The Cock Robin Porn Shop

David Lawson:  Canes

Mark Harvey Levine: The Order

Mark Harvey Levine:  Two Minute Warning

Elle McComsey: What a Mom Wants

Henry Meyerson: The Void

Ron Morelli: Ninja

Stephen Sanow: Spit

John Stanton: Mafia Job Interview

Eileen Tull: Cinnamon Heart

John Weagly:  Dead Dwarf Intermezzo

David L. Williams: Late Negotiations


Tamanya Garza

Allison Heishman

Kristen Norine

Jessica Rodriguez


Carl Boccuti

Kathleen Borrelli

Colleen Corcoran

Jamison Foreman

Nick Fragale

Jessie Holder

Theresa Leahy

Sara Madden

Christine Meehan

Todd Rodenhiser

David Stahl 

Bob Stineman

Leslie Uhl


Mon 9/5 @ 4:00

Fri 9/9 @ 10:00

Sat 9/10 @ 1:00

Sun 9/11 @ 7:00

Wed 9/14 @ 7:00

Sat 9/17 @ 10:00

75 minutes



Adrienne Second Stage

2030 Sansom Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103





Fringe Festival Box Office

1412 Chestnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19110

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