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The Pear-Shaped Man Fights Crime

90 Minutes - 3W, 3M

The artists in the hipster neighborhood of LOLA are losing their post-gentrification turf war to a corporation called The Farm and Magda’s artisan bakery is on the verge of going under. When Magda creates a new spelt muffin that finally draws in new customers, The Farm discovers Betty and Zeke, the last two artists in LOLA who have taken refuge in the bakery. Magda’s pear-shaped nephew Paul, stuck behind the bakery counter most of his life, is just hoping for a little crime to fight— and when The Farm attacks, set on franchising Betty and Zeke then destroying both the bakery and LOLA, he finally gets his chance.

Productions / Readings:

PlayPenn, Philadelphia PA (Reading Series 2018)
Philadelphia Dramatists Center, Philadelphia PA (Bodhi Reading Series 2016)
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