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The Narcoleptic Pillow Fight

9 Minutes - 1W, 1M

A narcoleptic couple in the middle of an argument tries desperately and rather unsuccessfully to stay awake long enough to save their marriage.

Productions / Readings:

AND Theatre Company, Seoul Korea (Short Play Festival 2018)
AND Theatre Company, Seoul Korea (15minutes Theatre 2018)
Play Club West, Los Angeles CA (New Works Festival 2015)
Colonial Playhouse, Aldan PA (Colonial Quickies 2014)
Flying Cat Productions, Atlanta GA (Heart Throbs 2 2014)
North Park Vaudeville, San Diego CA (North Park Playwrights Festival 2014)
Parish Players, Thetford VT (10 Minute Play Festival 2014)
Play Club West, Los Angeles CA (100 Minutes of Insanity 2014)
Fury Theatre, Chicago IL (Short Attention Span Theatre 2013)
Greenbrier Valley Theatre, Lewisburg WV (New Voices Festival of Plays 2013)
South Street Players, Freehold NJ (Tri-State Theatre Festival 2013)
Ticket 2 Eternity Productions, New York NY (Disjointed Love Shorts 2013)
Philadelphia Theater Company, Philadelphia PA (PTC @ Play 2012)
Short and Sweet, Sydney AU (Short and Sweet Sydney 2012)
Madcap Players, Washington DC (Winter Carnival 2011)
Point of Contention Theatre Company, Chicago IL (Chaos New Works Festival 2011)
MadLab, Columbus OH (Theatre Roulette 2010)
Philadelphia Dramatists Center, Philadelphia PA (Primary Stages 2007)
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