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The Ugly Twin

Agoraphobic Eric made a deal with his twin brother Aaron to play the part of “Eric” on the book tour for Eric’s bestselling novel “Backward”. A bidding war is now underway for the publishing rights to the sequel, “Forward,” and Eric’s agent, Nora, has invited the last two publishers standing, Carolyn and Miles, to the brothers’ family beach home to read the full manuscript before the final bid. With millions of dollars on the line, Eric, hidden away in a panic room, needs Aaron to play the part of “Eric” just long enough to get the new publishing contract signed. But when Eric meets Nora in person for the first time, he falls helplessly in love only to realize Nora— like the rest of the planet— is in love with Aaron. Aaron is not quite ready to give up the spotlight or Nora so he teams up with Nora’s twin sister Cora to betray Eric.

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