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The Moons of Montserrat

It’s 1996 and Gonz and his wife Tammy are unemployed followers desperately in search of a leader. Tammy finds her groove as a backup singer to Montserrat, a washed-up opera diva reinventing her career as a pop diva. Gonz tries his hand at being a henchman for Schnitzel, but quickly discovers he can’t even break a guy's knee-caps with a crow-bar. When Schnitzel, the ultimate collector of all Montserrat memorabilia, finds out Gonz's wife Tammy is now in possession of the long-lost holy-grail test pressing of Montserrat’s first 1979 seven-inch single, Gonz must think for himself for once and choose between his undying loyalty to his new boss and his ever-distant wife.

Philadelphia Theatre Workshop
Philadelphia Dramatists Center
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