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Postcoital Variations

90 Minutes - 3W, 3M

Med student Maryanne is in a polyamorous relationship with Todd and Sven and is forced to reevaluate her situation when she gets pregnant-- all while Maryanne's best friend Helen struggles to conceive a child with her husband and Maryanne's beautiful new lab partner confuses everything. Each scene begins postcoitally as the characters try to navigate their way back toward happiness in any combination that might work.

Association of Los Angeles Playwrights
Columbia University
New Route Theatre
Philadelphia Dramatists Center
Philadelphia Theatre Workshop

Simply Hamlet

120 Minutes - 2W, 7M

A yes, for all intents and purposes, un-producible line-for-line translation of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" into modern-day English, but screw it, this was fun to write.

Split Pea Pod

95 Minutes - 2W, 3M

Dan is so unsure about his relationship with his girlfriend, Gert, that he splits in half-- the half that loves her unconditionally and the half that's terminally afraid of commitment. The two halves (played by two different actors) must reconcile their indecision and work together to win back Gert before she is lost forever.  The plight of the two Dans is complicated by his roommate, Steve-- who is secretly in love with both Gert and Dan-- and by Steve's therapist, Dr. Benning, who seems to be doing more harm than good.

Brick Playhouse

The :nv:s:ble Play

95 Minutes - 5W, 3M

Colin has been fading away for years in the cubicle next to Fran and has made the mistake of falling in love with her even though she as no idea he exists. When his lunch partner gets laid off, Colin finds himself alone and completely invisible to his coworkers. But now a whole new invisible world is visible to him. He meets Ramona and Lawrence who have been invisible and working beside him for years. They teach him the rules of being invisible including an unsubstantiated myth that the only way to become visible again is if someone falls in love with you. With the help of his new invisible friends, Colin works to win the heart of Fran-- who can’t see or hear him. But all she has to do is turn her head.

Cone Man Running Productions
Philadelphia Theatre Workshop
Philadelphia Theatre Workshop
Theatre of NOTE
Theatre of NOTE

The Cure

75 Minutes - 5W, 1M

When her twenty-four year old son wills himself to death to donate all his organs, Joan goes on a quest to understand why. Along the way, she meets five of the recipients who all seem to remind her of different parts of her son’s personality, but it’s not until she meets her son’s heart that she finally learns the truth.

The Moons of Montserrat

90 Minutes - 4W, 5M

It’s 1996 and Gonz and his wife Tammy are unemployed followers desperately in search of a leader. Tammy finds her groove as a backup singer to Montserrat, a washed-up opera diva reinventing her career as a pop diva. Gonz tries his hand at being a henchman for Schnitzel, but quickly discovers he can’t even break a guy's knee-caps with a crow-bar. When Schnitzel, the ultimate collector of all Montserrat memorabilia, finds out Gonz's wife Tammy is now in possession of the long-lost holy-grail test pressing of Montserrat’s first 1979 seven-inch single, Gonz must think for himself for once and choose between his undying loyalty to his new boss and his ever-distant wife.

Philadelphia Dramatists Center
Philadelphia Theatre Workshop

The Pear-Shaped Man Fights Crime

90 Minutes - 3W, 3M

The artists in the hipster neighborhood of LOLA are losing their post-gentrification turf war to a corporation called The Farm and Magda’s artisan bakery is on the verge of going under. When Magda creates a new spelt muffin that finally draws in new customers, The Farm discovers Betty and Zeke, the last two artists in LOLA who have taken refuge in the bakery. Magda’s pear-shaped nephew Paul, stuck behind the bakery counter most of his life, is just hoping for a little crime to fight— and when The Farm attacks, set on franchising Betty and Zeke then destroying both the bakery and LOLA, he finally gets his chance.

Philadelphia Dramatists Center

The Sleep Detective

70 Minutes - 3W, 3M

Sleep therapist Noreen is able to enter the dreams of her patients to uncover the truth about them with help of a drug, Dr. Richard Adler has developed. When the formula for the drug is stolen by one of Dr. Adler’s dysfunctional family, he hires Noreen to go into their dreams to find the culprit and get the formula back.

Philadelphia Theatre Workshop

The Ugly Twin

90 Minutes - 2W, 2M

Agoraphobic Eric made a deal with his twin brother Aaron to play the part of “Eric” on the book tour for Eric’s bestselling novel “Backward”. A bidding war is now underway for the publishing rights to the sequel, “Forward,” and Eric’s agent, Nora, has invited the last two publishers standing, Carolyn and Miles, to the brothers’ family beach home to read the full manuscript before the final bid. With millions of dollars on the line, Eric, hidden away in a panic room, needs Aaron to play the part of “Eric” just long enough to get the new publishing contract signed. But when Eric meets Nora in person for the first time, he falls helplessly in love only to realize Nora— like the rest of the planet— is in love with Aaron. Aaron is not quite ready to give up the spotlight or Nora so he teams up with Nora’s twin sister Cora to betray Eric.

Traces in the Dirt

90 Minutes - 3W, 6M

Clair is a psychic who solves crimes for the police department and her current case is a corpse found planted up to her fingertips in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia. Prevented by the authorities from touching the dead body for a psychic read, she uses the psychic traces left in the dirt of the shallow grave to track down the killer. When she realizes he is a more powerful psychic who is planting false psychic clues in the dirt, Clair must learn to use old-fashioned detective work instead of her now-unreliable psychic power to solve the crime.


90 Minutes - 5W, 1M

In a near-future dystopia after the tech, retail, educational, health, entertainment, government, transportation and religious systems have merged into one mega-company called Omni. that knows everything about you and your data. The goal of Omni’s A.I. algorithms is to make every customer happy and it has learned that one way to do that is to eliminate (a.k.a. kill, or “churn”) the unhappy customers. If a customer is the inadvertent source of someone’s unhappiness, that customer is tasked with eliminating the unhappy person or they too will be churned. In this new dystopia, humanity must adapt and project happiness at all costs… but Helen and Phil are a married couple who are making each other miserable and now tasked with killing each other with a smile on their faces.

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