A Clean Dislike

8 Minutes - 2W, 0M

Corporate coworkers Marjorie and Annie don't like each other so they schedule an early meeting to hash out why.

A Statement of Fact

10 Minutes - 0W, 2M

With just a few minutes before Hutton's cab arrives to take him to the airport, his boyfriend states a simple fact that may or may not end their relationship.

Abigail Has an Elaborate Quarter-Life Crisis

10 Minutes - 3W, 1M

Abigail, on a search for real meaning in her life, goes on an existential quest with her friend Jenny to settle a score with an ex in Prague.


9 Minutes - 1W, 1M

A young couple seeks premarital counseling fearing that consummating their impending marriage might actually kill them.

Agnes and the Vegan Burrito

9 Minutes - 0W, 2M

Over a burrito lunch, two best friends finally reveal the truth about Agnes.

Brenda Gets Herself Slapped

9 Minutes - 2W, 0M

Brenda’s daughter is coming home from college for Christmas and bringing her new girlfriend.  As Brenda and her best friend Mary await their arrival, much is brought to light about Brenda and Mary’s unspoken past.

Cannibals Gone Bad

17 Minutes - 2W, 3M

A post-apocalyptic comedic thriller in the sewers after the remaining population is driven underground. Food is scarce and the scriptures say it's the ultimate honor to be eaten by the queen, but when one cannibal finally gets picked to be eaten, he goes rogue.


9 Minutes - 1W, 1M

In bed late one night, Jackie solicits her husband's help with an existential writing crisis she's trying to solve by climbing on top of him.

Damn Spot

9 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Molly must call an exorcist when she discovers a spot on the floor of her rent-controlled apartment is possessed.

Date #3: The Long Hug Goodnight

9 Minutes - 2W, 2M

At the end of their third date, Lynne and Ethan are trapped in a ten-minute hug goodnight that could decide their future.

Dead Wong

9 Minutes - 3W, 1M

Utah Mayonnaise magnate Wilbur Wong dodges a poisoned bagel sent to him by his scheming brother, only to discover that one of his three wives may be in on the plot to kill him.

Eight Naked Noras

8 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Nora and her adorably dense ex-husband are caught up in yet another one of their crime-solving capers, but this time the killer has locked them in a room on the 45th floor of an office building and they only have about seven minutes to find a way to escape.

Emma Of Sandusky

25 Minutes - 4W, 3M

An adaptation of Jane Austen's "Emma" that takes place in a retirement village and, even after all these years, Emma is still trying to match-make her singleton friends only to accidentally find love herself.


10 Minutes - 1W, 1M

A vampire pays an unannounced visit to Loretta, a dentist who must diagnose if his dental problem is indeed fang-rot or something worse.

Four Dry Tongues

13 Minutes - 2W, 2M

Tristan invites his adorable friend Matt over for a party in his tiny Manhattan closet apartment, hoping to lure him into bed, but Tristan's best friend Ginny has the exact same plan.


8 Minutes - 2W, 0M

While frosting the cake for her friend Cora's birthday party, Rita admits she invited Cora's ex-husband to the party.

Grilling the Octopus

10 Minutes - 1W, 1M

On their first politicalmismatch.com date, Ben and Sarah get to know each other with a vengeance.


10 Minutes - 0W, 2M

Two men. A bitterly cold winter's night working on the Alaskan pipeline. One pair of gloves.

In The Near Dark

7 Minutes - 1W, 2M

Kelly, Brian and Mario are being held captive in a dark room. Their captor has left them with a meat cleaver and only one option for escape.


75 Minutes - 0W, 0M

A musical collaboration with John D'Alonzo, Robert Kangas and the Jesse Schurr Band tells the story of a heroin addict looking for redemption.

Man in Peril

8 Minutes - 1W, 2M

Peter is trapped in the cargo hull of a shipping tanker in the middle of the South Pacific but the super hero that comes to save him has lost his strength.

Meta Meta

10 Minutes - 1W, 2M

Alex wants to make a "Dogma 95" short film about staging a ten minute play about making a short film about staging a play, but his actor friends have real lives and are skeptical about taking part in this meta experiment.

On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning

10 Minutes - 2W, 0M

Mother and daughter sip coffee on the porch one gloriously crisp spring morning. And then try to kill each other. The end.


11 Minutes - 2W, 0M

Anna in 2017 meets her twenty-six year-old self in 1991 on the Staten Island Ferry and has the last few minutes of the commute to figure out if the choices she made the last twenty-six years were the right ones.


6 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Angela and Ron find themselves on the ninth floor ledge outside their office in the middle of a work day for completely different reasons.


13 Minutes - 1W, 3M

Two men stalking the same woman discover that she may or may not be cheating on them with a third.

Sally Sock

20 Minutes - 3W, 3M

When her Foot loses her at the Laundromat, single sock Sally One tries to find Sally Two and her way back to her Foot, but fate and the other socks in the single sock bin have other plans.

Scarlet on Alabaster

7 Minutes - 2W, 0M

A hotel room in Paris 1911.  As La Belle Epoque winds down, so perhaps does the affair of a painter and her muse.


7 Minutes - 0W, 1M

Wating on a commuter train platform, Benjamin meets his doppelganger Ben who admits to killing his wife.

Speed Play

7 Minutes - 1W, 1M

As they eat lunch on a bench in the park, Jackie and Henry play a game where they tell the stories of the strangers walking past before deciding to tell each other’s story.

Spit for Tat

9 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Greg and Bernadette fight about whether or not they need to fight as foreplay.

The Bend in the Tree

16 Minutes - 3W, 3M

When Shana comes home to visit her sick mother, she finds the family in crisis and realizes she just might be part of the problem.

The Cheever Tapes

17 Minutes - 3W, 4M

A Media Studies professor analyzes frame-by-frame the famous 1999 security camera footage of morgue technician Jeff Cheever miraculously reanimating two corpses with his tongue and pieces together the events that must have lead up to the taping.

The Hard Woo

9 Minutes - 2W, 1M

Jenn decides her fiancé Spencer needs to sow his wild oats before their wedding, but under her strict supervision.

The Harsh

8 Minutes - 1W, 2M

Best friends Nick and Henry make the painful transition to life after Nick marrying Henry's ex.

The Narcoleptic Pillow Fight

9 Minutes - 1W, 1M

A narcoleptic couple in the middle of an argument tries desperately and rather unsuccessfully to stay awake long enough to save their marriage.

The Other Six

7 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Tucker falls in love too easily and today's the day he finally decides to break the news to his wife about the other six. She knows.

The Peach

10 Minutes - 0W, 2M

Jake is a simple man who likes to kill things for his boss, but today his boss wants him dead.

The Physics of Now

10 Minutes - 2W, 2M

On the cusp of discovering the key to time travel, physicist grad students Jake and Dagney are confronted with their future selves.

The Red Play

15 Minutes - 3W, 3M

Militant communists take over a community theater production in Iowa and the actors must find a way to save the day without breaking character.

The Red Suitcase

9 Minutes - 1W, 2M

When Santa's sleigh breaks down, he is forced to fly commercial back to the North Pole, but only after he gives the last present in his big red suitcase to another lonely traveler. 

The Zombie Aesthete

7 Minutes - 2W, 2M

Chalmers, a rotting corpse with taste and refinement, risks losing his beautiful inarticulate zombie wife Kelly when he tries perhaps too hard to impress their grunting zombie friends.

Third-First Person

10 Minutes - 1W, 1M

Internal monologues of two writers in a coffee shop who nearly meet and nearly fall in love.


9 Minutes - 2W, 2M

Waiting in line behind a red velvet rope to get into a trendy night club, Matt is on a quest to find a woman with standards low enough to date his repellant friend Dave.


8 Minutes - 1W, 2M

Phil has unplugged from his phone long enough to notice April, an actual human being. Their co-worker Jerry is not happy about it.

Wet Paper Bag

10 Minutes - 1W, 1M

A woman waits for the bus as man tries desperately to mug her. She is not having it.

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